Our vizion

Vizion Air is bringing back forgotten values and will make aviation inspiring again.

You must have had a terrible time without us.



Vizion is the art of seeing the invisible.*

The idea behind Vizion Air is strong: we do what we do best. Visualizing the invisible. Give added value to an existing service. Bringing back forgotten values and making aviation inspiring again. That is the reason why we've created the only tailor-made boutique airline for you: Vizion Air. (*Jonathan Swift)


With Vizion Air, we have a tool in hands to shape the entire journey to your dreams: the aircraft we use are largely controlled by us. We run the show. And we do not easily say 'No' to any idea to make your journey even more inspiring. You can instantly book your own aircraft, or lay back and let us inspire you with the things in life that passionate you. With our partners we create you every possible journey. 


At first there was The Aviation Factory.

This Air Charter Broker is expert in finding the right aircraft for every mission. Their client base is too much ! They rent jets to the Belgian National Football team, they do shuttles for the EU Parliament and literally rent over 1.000 aircraft per year. With offices in 3 countries, 12 motivated pro’s and more than a century of rental experience in house, they are as solid as a rock.


The Aviation Factory discovered on a sad day that aviation became more and more regulated. More restricted. But not as a result of the complexity of aviation. Aviation became less creative, less flexible, because we live in an industry where structure rules and we forget that the client is King, not the fancy jet.


Anyway, we at The Aviation Factory design flights to your needs. We pimp the aircraft and make the flight into a unique experience. Now the day has come to fly the extra mile for you. Our lovebrand is created out of love for the customer. You are our captain.