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"Vizion Air is setting the new rules in aircraft charter.

Experience what you can expect, even without pushing the limits."



Vizion Air is a tailor-made boutique airline that flies the routing and schedule of your convenience.


Your project officer will guide you through all possible phases in aircraft chartering. The most fun part is giving a personal touch to your flight. We will convince you to please the passengers by serving special gourmet food, have your company name on every seat or even have your logo on the airframe. 


Our cabin attendant will welcome you at the check in, and assist your group through the security to the gate. That is it - if we did not arrange a VIP departure at the General Aviation Zone - in the first place.


The aircraft ‘look and feel will be customized to your needs and even the cabin attendants will be on the level of your expectations. Their empathy will make you feel at home at 21 000 feet. You will beg for a headwind!


We will serve you snacks, lunches and even three-course dinner from your favorite chef. Therefore our bread will not stay fresh for the next two years. We do not see any reason why aviation catering should be less than the food you like at home.


Vizion Air will not only provide you the aircraft, but will also inspire you with some extraordinary journeys. So let us take you!


Welcome on board!