"Most people take a flight to go somewhere. But in this case, it was not the destination that was important; it was the flight itself."


unusual request

Just a regular day at work

On February 12th we came to our office and started our workday by turning on the radio and treating ourselves to a big cup of tea. We start reading our emails and of course, we respond to them as well. Business as usual; processing charter requests, sending out quotes and of course delivering our very best service to our clients, in between also arranging inflight catering or other inflight specials such as headrest covers, so our clients - the brokers - get some weight of their shoulders and have a stress-free experience.

After lunch, a request came in from our good friend Sven Noorlander, owner of First Class Aviation. Our Saab340 could be the perfect aircraft to fulfill his clients wish. And this is where the collaboration of this special project started.

The special project

Sven contacted us and told us his client wanted to perform a scenery flight of 1 hour above the Netherlands. Following the details, we received from Sven, we immediately started working on this project. What seemed so easy at the start turned out to be a little bit harder than expected. Sven told us the aircraft had to fly a specific route that would link all 3 offices his client owns, but the required permissions to “just fly around” in the Dutch airspace are not that easy to receive.  

It felt like putting together a puzzle that contains 1000 pieces: lots of fun to do, but sometimes a little frustrating. After a lot of puzzling and a route change over the North Sea, the permission was finally granted: the scenery flight could be performed!

Most people take a flight to go somewhere. But in this case, it was not the destination that was important; it was the flight itself. 

A flying start

As just mentioned above, Sven was our partner on this project. And our partner Sven had a client who had requested this scenery flight. This client was a company named Peak-IT, a recruitment office for IT specialists. Peak-IT’s goal with this flight was creating brand awareness and convincing people to work for them. Nowadays you have to stand out to do both. How did they do that? 15 new employees got invited to sign their contract high in the sky.

Yes, you read it well: Peak-IT hired First Class Aviation, who hired us, to perform a scenery flight in Dutch airspace just to provide its new employees a flying new start! If you ask us, we think Peak-IT definitely understands what “standing out” means. The creation of brand awareness was also a success. Next to the new employees, the director and some existing employees, a filming crew and a few reporters from a PR-agency boarded the aircraft as well to collect some inside stories and cool images of that day.

Besides getting permission to fly into Dutch airspace for an hour, it was also pretty difficult to gain permission for Peak-IT to film the entire event. Of course, this was because of safety and privacy reasons. Luckily, we’re not only good in solving puzzles, we are also very creative and love to think in solutions. We are still in great expectation of the ‘after movie’, but when we receive it, we will make sure to share it with you!

The staff, who were there to help with increasing the brand awareness, did a good job. The flight was performed on Friday, and the story could be read in every major newspaper of the Netherlands on Monday. How proud we were; our beautiful Saab340 in the Dutch papers! And of course, to see the result of our joined efforts with First Class Aviation, our Monday could not start any better.

As long as it’s legal, we’re in!

Our team worked hard to achieve the result we did. In the end Vizion Air is looking back on a great operational challenge and experience that we would love to do again, every second of the day!

We try to stand out by being a little different than the rest. We don’t like rules, we like possibilities. If you can dream it, we’ll make it fly, as long as it is legal.