Vizion Air x Oktoberfest


geht's los

Not your regular flight

Tuesday, October 2nd. The day started early with a train ride at 5am from the small town Opwijk. About an hour later, I arrived in Liege, ready for the great day ahead.

At the airport it quickly became clear: this was not going to be a regular scheduled flight. Besides some staff and the group of The Boosting Company, the airport was empty. No people stressing out about missing their flight, no queues, no loud noise. Just calmness. And I liked it.

With a charter flight like this one with Vizion Air, you always feel like flying first class.

Almost time to board

After a short passage through the security, it was almost time to board.

Our 9 o'clock departure is approaching now. The gate opens and we start walking towards the plane, waiting for us at the serene apron of Liege airport. There she was, the pink lady.

Once on board everyone could choose a newspaper and pick their seat. I, of course, wanted to take a window seat, just for the stunning views we would witness between Liege and Munich on our morning flight. On our chairs a special gift from Vizion Air waiting for us, with some delicious content inside. They couldn’t have picked a better biscuits brand than our own Belgian Jules Destrooper. We are off to a great start.

Off we go

Once everyone had found their place we were ready for take off. A good hour and a very comfortable flight later we arrived in Munich. No need to wait for luggage this time, what a relaxing feeling. 10 minutes, more time wasn’t needed to exit the airport and enter the two buses, waiting for us to arrive. We are more excited than ever, what a great way to travel!

Oktoberfest is waiting

To the center now, where a delicious and welcome Bavarian meal was waiting for us. The restaurant was fully booked, proving to be one of the most popular restaurants in the whole of Germany. Apparently, you have to book months in advance if you want to reserve a table. And we had a full floor for our group!

Unfortunately no time for a walk around the city, the buses are waiting for us. But around the corner, Oktoberfest was waiting. That’s what we came for, after all! 

Half an hour later we arrived at the Oktoberfest. Despite the fact that this was just an ordinary working day, there were already quite a few people. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect. You can probably imagine Disneyland, right? Well, imagine it to be about 40 times bigger and you can start to get an idea of the size.

Apparently we had a VIP table in the 'nymphenburg' hall. This also appears to be the favorite hall of the 1st team of Bayern Munich. Unfortunately, they had an important UEFA champions league game that same evening. Otherwise we might have had a glimpse of some famous professional footballers.

Jetzt geht's los

Time to enjoy some liquid gold now. Waiters running around everywhere with beer, some carrying up to 20 half liters at a time. People seemed to be thirsty!

Luckily, they brought us 4 large 'beer shelves' to enjoy. And you bet we enjoyed it! But we were still on a schedule and after about 3 hours we had to leave our 'bierhalle'. About an hour later we arrived at Munich airport and the end of our Oktoberfest adventure was approaching again.

Looking back

What an experience this was. Altough short, we made great memories that will last for a long time. Already looking forward to flying with Vizion Air again!

The Aviation Factory

Vizion Air only works with brokers. This Oktoberfest flight was another great partnership between Vizion Air and The Aviation Factory, the number one aircraft rental expert in the Benelux. Together, we organised this great charter flight for The Boosting Group, a travel agency providing group tours and tailor-made luxury travel to any destination of your choice.


Photos copyright Lucas De Groodt.