Vizion Air, a boutique airline for tailor made flying

Your thoughts shape our vision

Vizion Air is a tailor made boutique airline. Even better. It is the only tailor made boutique airline. Simply said: if you can dream it, we’ll make it fly. There are no restrictions. We hate them just like you do. We stand for everything that makes flying great: total control. From quickly booking a flight to tailor-made service with that personal touch.

Freedom means choice

We admit it. Vizion Air is a rebel. Where flying usually involves rules and restrictions, we choose total freedom. Because we make it possible where others don’t and won’t. Because we aim to make individual dreams come true. Because we see the customer as king, not as the small print.

Creativity is everywhere

Vizion Air is clearly unique. We wouldn’t want it any other way. Not only do we treat things more creatively and more personally, our approach is also quite unlike the traditional airline business model. After all, we have no planes. No, none at all. We do, however, have aircraft that are entirely ours - and yours - to use: that we do have. So it’s clear, then: there’s creativity in the air.

Boutique Arline of the year 2019

Offering a truly unique service, Vizion Air is a boutique airline focusing on providing a truly exceptional experience to every client. We received an Award for ‘Best boutique airline 2019’ and are very proud of it. To celebrate, International Transport News wrote an article about Vizion Air and the things we do that make us special.